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Mojo Fuzz Deluxe NKT275

Based on the original Dallas Arbiter( Fuzz Face), but with important udates like: Bias and Smooth controls, light indicator and power supply input.

Mojo Fuzz MkII Professional OC81D

Based on the original Tone Bender MkII Professional!Additional Bias control, power supply input and indicator light!

Fuzz N:8

Based on the original Tycobrahe Octavia

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Mojo Gear Mojo Fuzz II BC108JH

Based on the 70's Dallas Arbiter (Fuzz Face), but tweaked to meet Jimi Hendrix's tone. 

Build with high qualiti components( NOS matched silicon transistors)


Mojo Fuzz II BC108

Classic Silicon Fuzz based on the Fuzz Face, but with some modifications.

Mojo Gear MkII Professional Ac125

Mk II Professional build with AC125 germanium transistors. This version is more agressive than the one with OC81D

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Red Boost/Rangemaster

Based on the original Rangemaster, but with additional goodies!

ODD Preamp 741/ Overdrive

Based on the original DOD 250(the rare gray version)

Orange Compressor

Based on the original Dan Armstrong's Orange Squeezer compressor

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Rust ride Fuzz

Based on the original Fuzzrite from Mosrite

Galvanic-Organic Passive DI Direct Box

Galvanic-Organic DI Direct Box  is a passive direct box designed to handle instrumental signal without any distortion. Unlike an active DI that is limited by the buffering amplifier’s rail voltage, the G-O employs a audio transformer as the engine. Transformers are legendary in their ability to gracefully handle transients while delivering a smooth, warm sounding  curve, reminiscent of the finest vintage gear.

The transformer performs both high-to-low impedance conversion and signal balancing at the same time with minimal loading.

 The transformer also introduces a magnetic bridge that passes signal while rejecting stray DC voltage (galvanic isolation). This makes the Galvanic-Organic particularly adept at eliminating hum and buzz caused by ground loops.

Master Volume Attenuator 100w

mASTER VOLUME ATTENUATOR has two major applications. One is for stage use, the other is for studio or home use.


For stage use, it is a useful tool to limit your overall dB level at any time during a performance.Let's say you want to warm up your output tubes but the club is not full yet.

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Mojo Fuzz Deluxe BC108

Mojo Fuzz Deluxe BC108  offers you everything our germanium Deluxe series does(AC128, NKT275), but has silicon transistors.

Mojo Fuzz MKII AC128

Germanium Fuzz with BIAS

Tube Drive

Tube based overdrive witch gives you the perfect kick for your clean amp

Mojo Fuzz Deluxe AC128

Based on the original Dallas Arbiter( Fuzz Face), but with important udates like: Bias and Smooth controls, light indicator and power supply input.

Cosmic Ash Fuzz Box

Inpired from the old and very rare Sam Ash Fuzz Box.

Stratosphere Sing&Drive chanell strip/ dual overdrive pedal

TStratosphere Sing&Drive has two channels- one is booster (Sing channel) witch gives  you a Dumble  SSS  tone, the other one is overdrive(Drive channel).

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