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What kind of overdrive do you prefer to use: one that colors, or one that overdrives, but preserves the tone?ts808?

Fuzz Effects

What's your favorite fuzzy tone? Is there any secrete weapon you want to share here?


Do you use one?At home?In the studio?Many big old amps sound amazing when you toast the the power valves...
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  • Admin
    Jun 14

    Stratosphere Sing&Drive has two channels- one is booster (Sing channel) witch gives  you a Dumble  SSS  tone, the other one is overdrive(Drive channel). Every channel can work independently, or both channels can work together.    Now comes  the cool  part! You can switch  the positions  of both channels only by the flick of one switch which  gives  you  the order  you  want. For instance,  you  can put the Drive  channel  first in  the  chain, so you  can  first clip the signal and then  give  em the  right  amount of volume  and  headroom using the "Sing" channel. Other cool setup is to switch off the  clipping of the "Drive channel"( via  internal  dip two switches) and put the "Sing" channel  first on the line- this  way  you  first shape your  tone with  the  Dumble SSS  simulation  and  then give it a little  edge with the "Drive" channel, but with a headroom  unmatched  with  nothing  else (exept  true  tube  amp). This is what we  call  - Dumble ODS settings( with both clipping options turned off) This pedal gives you so many ways to shape you tone.  You can use the high  cut of the "Drive" channel together with the  contour of the "Sing" channel ( witch shapes the mid frequencies  of your guitar) to nail  almoust every tone you like . Also you have two clipping options  for the Drive  channel selectable  using two dip switches inside the pedal( you have to open the back plate) As you can see this is very versatile  effect pedal, witch  gives you  all the tools  in your hands to bring your tone  online , no matter what guitar or amp you're using. We're  proud to call this pedal channel strip  and you can find out why if you try it!
  • bg_collier
    Mar 5, 2018

    Took delivery of the Deluxe AC128 last week, and am very happy with it. I've been looking for an AC128-based fuzz for awhile, but wanted something more tweakable than one simply with gain and volume. After searching for many weeks, I came across Mihail's fuzz on Reverb. From there, I found some YouTube videos demonstrating it, and was very impressed by the tone, not to mention the ability to adjust bias and the tone-like control, 'Smooth'. I ordered one off Ebay, and Mihail was kind enough to shoot a video of my unit under test - nice touch! The fuzz can be dialed in to be thick and fat, or light and jangly. Bias gives you the dying battery sputter effect, but for me, it's all about the Smooth control. Build quality is high and the unit is solid. Very professional. It's now my top fuzz, and I own about a half-dozen. I tend to use mine more as a mild distortion than an all-out high-gain fuzz, and this runs the gamut. Very happy.
  • Admin
    Nov 4, 2017

    Like always, before deciding what my next project will be, I first take some time for "investigation". It turns out very interesting what I've found looking the schematics of some of the most popular modern overdrive effects( Analogman "King of tone", JHS "Morning Glory" and etc.) Many of these good sounding pedals are sharing the same circuit with Marshall Bluesbreaker overdrive. Some of them bring some additional features on the table, but most of them are exact copy of the original circuit. Interesting, is't it! So I decided to start a new project based on the Bluesbreaker, not only because other modern brands are doing the same, but because I'm a big fan of this transparent kind of overdrive tone...What do you think about it? I'll take suggestions for the name! Cheers!