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Mojo Gear FX

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  is a small company that dedicated years researching, studying and recreating circuits that are considered the coolest guitar effects of all times. We have heard them in many albums, but to find one in good working condition and reasonable price turned to be a problem...

 This was our biggest motivation, that grew into business, because there is always a way when you look at the right places. So here we present you MojoGearFX.

Mojo Gear Fx

What is "Mojo" ?

  There are many things that are present in our reality, that we can't see or even don't know about them. Like the atoms or quarks for example. This, of course, does not means that they don`t exist! Every experienced guitarist has probably tested more than one copy of a given guitar amp or effect (especially old one) and realized that one of them sounds way better than the other; or tested the original versus the new reissue and be surprised that they are not even close. You can get lucky and find a good one, but we in Mojogearguitarfx give our best in testing and experimenting with different components and technics, so buying a great sounding fuzz or boost pedal isn`t just luck. We from call this "mojo", some people call it love or obsession, you can call it anything you want, but it's there...and it's not magic or "snake oil"!

But where is it? A? Can you taste it? Yes you can and It's in the detail, like always. When your Mom makes your favourite meal, what makes it so delicious?It is not in the eggs or the oil- it`s in the extra care for every little thing that can make you happy! This is "Mojo".

Why buy from us?

We're not the fancy, shiny and super expensive name, you don`t pay for brand, advertisement and distribution. We invest all into the sound of our pedals. Dare to try one? 

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