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  • What is the polarity of the power supply input ?
    The polarity of all Mojo Gear Fx pedals is centar negative( Boss style).
  • Can I power Mojo Gear germanium fuzz pedals in daisy chain with other pedals ?
    No !Vintage germanium fuzz pedals use pnp transistors ,witch means that the circuit has possitive ground... You can use all Mojo Fuzz Fx germanium fuzz effects with isolated power supply(like t-rex fuel tank for instance), or with 9v battery.Of course you can use separate power supply( only for the fuzz pedal)
  • Are Mojo Gear guitar effects TRUE BYPASS?
    Yes! All of our pedals are true bypass.
  • Should I turn the trimpots inside my Mojo Gear effect pedal to improove the tone??
    No. Our products are tested and tuned for their best performance. The internal trim pots are there to help us fine tunning our products. Please, contact us before taking any actions!
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