HOLY MOLY'S 50's/60's

Stratocaster Pickups Set

Holy Moly's 50/60 Pickups.jpg
Holy Moly's 50/60 Stratocaster Pickups


Why "Holy Moly's? Well you've got to give

em a try and you will find out...

  This is the absolute recipy for stratocaster pickups, the absolute classic.

You may have a big collection of stratocaster guitars with many different pickup sets, but if you want to have one that really represents the "holy grail" of the stratocaster pickups between 59' and 64', that woody classic tone, this is your best choice.

Many suble modifications to the "recipe" are available if you contact us before purchasing. For instance you may want your set to be a bit hotter, or you may want to discuss the stagger of the magnet poles, or else. 



   What you get is the best available quality components:


  • ALNICO V magnets with custom more modern"friendly" stagger*

  • Black Vulcanized Fiber Flatwork

  • Heavy FORMVAR Copper Magnet Wire

  • Scatter wound (hand wound) pickups for more "vintage vibe"*

  • Wax Potted

  • Cloth Pickup Wire

  • Aged White Pickup Covers

  • Screws and silicon 

  • Middle is RWRP for humbucking operation in positions 2 and 4.

DC Resistance ( depends on the environment temperature)

Neck :  5.8k

Middle :6.1K

Bridge :6.3k

You can customize your set even further by selecting 5% hotter or 5% colder option after hitting the "buy"button. If you select "stock" from the falling menu you'll get the stock model as listed here.


" Whiteguard"

Telecaster Pickups Set

These Telecaster Pickups are inspired by the early "Broadcaster era" , but with some little tweaks so they can cover many genres of music- from rock&roll to jazz because of their balanced eq and attack. The building process includes everything that is needed to produce true, authentic, dynamic and realy good pickups:

  • ALNICO V magnets

  • Black Vulcanized Fiber Flatwork

  • 43 AWG Heavy FORMVAR Copper Magnet Wire

  • Scatter wound (handwound) pickups for more "vintage vibe"

  • Wax Potted

  • Cloth Pickup Wire

  • White cotton string ( bridge)

  • copper-plated steel baseplate

DC Resistance ( depends on the environment temperature)

Neck :  7.8.k

Bridge :10.k

TB1 Pickups Set

"Blackguard" (Broadcaster)

Telecaster Pickups Set

This pickups are the ones I've always wanted to build and now here they are. Their name "Blackguard" is absolutely precise as very often the nature of the first idea is...just perfect.

The sound is balanced with nothing missing and nothing unnecessary, but just enough to make your amp sing. By the way, many of the "Holy Grail" Fender Amplifiers are built with this

classic recipe for pickups in mind:

  • 43AWG Plain Enamel Magnet Wire

  • Vintage Beveled Flat  Alnico V Polepieces

  • Traditional Vulcanised Flatwork

  • Vintage Cloth Lead Wire

  • Scatterwind (hand feed)

  • Copper-plated steel baseplate

  • Nickel/Chrome/ Bare Neck Pickup Cover

  • vintage style string coil protection

  • Neck-  7.7k ; Bridge 10.3k

Blackguard Telecaster Neck Pickup.jpg
Neck ThemeClean Dry
00:00 / 00:35
Bridge ThemeClean Dry
00:00 / 00:48
Middle Position ThemeClean Dry
00:00 / 00:26
Neck Pickup Clean Dry
00:00 / 00:32
Bridge PickupClean Dry
00:00 / 00:42

RIFFERS Telecaster Pickups
( Keith Richards inspired )

Requested by a musician and person that I have big respect from, and after some big research and passion going on, the idea for this wonderful pickups was born.

What you'll get is:

Amazingly transperant PAF Replica Neck, build with everything that true PAF pickup needs to shine including- Vintage PAF  Butyrate Bobbins, 42 AWG Plain Enamel Magnet Wire, Alnico V Rough Cast Bar Magnet and RAW nickel silver Humbucker Pickup cover and unpotted for even more sensitivity. Wound to about 7.3k;

And Alnico III Broadcaster style Bridge, scatterwound with 43AWG Plain Enamel Magnet Wire, wrapped in white string and lightly wax potted  with copper plated backplate. Wound to about 9.8k.

The best way to describe the sound of these pickups is that they sound like realy coming straith from another era, teleporting you and your guitar sound back in time, but still capable of showing the full potential of your guitar in these modern days. ( Watch and listen the demonstration video:)

Riffers Telecaster Pickups.JPG
Riffers Telecaster Pickups .JPG


This one is made with the best intention to recreate one of the best recipes for a perfect tone.

Design that is very popular and dissected many times, but still a big challenge for the big companies to produce in series...

What we offer is the best available parts( closest to the historic original) and great attention to every small detail that builds the whole "Mojo". As you may know, the original PAF humbucker is unpotted for better tone sensitivity and frequency response, but for those of you willing to use modern high gain setup it will be up to you to choose a potted one. Also, you can choose between Alnico II & Alnico V Rough Bar Magnets as they both can be seen in Vintage PAF Pickup( moustly Alnico II)  We're using also:

  • Elektrisola 42 AWG Plain Enamel Magnet Wire

  • Vintage PAF Black  Butyrate Bobbins

  • Vintage PAF Fillister Pole Screws Nickel plated

  • Brass Frame plate mounting screws

  • Nickel Plated Steel Pole Slugs

  • Nickel Silver Frame baseplate 49.2mm Long Legs

  • Vintage Style Shielded Push-back Wire

  • Pickup cover NON-plated RAW nickel silver 49.2mm

  • Boutique handmade quality :)

Mojo Gear Fx PAF Recreation Humbucker Pi