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HOLY MOLY'S 50's/60's
Stratocaster Pickups

Holy Moly's 50/60 Pickups.jpg
Holy Moly's 50/60 Stratocaster Pickups


Why "Holy Moly's? Well you've got to give
em a try and you will find out...
  This is the absolute recipe for stratocaster pickups, the absolute classic.
You may have a big collection of stratocaster guitars with many different pickup sets, but if you want to have one that really represents the "holy grail" of the stratocaster pickups between 59' and 64', that woody classic tone, this is your best choice.
Many suble modifications to the "recipe" are available if you contact us before purchasing. For instance you may want your set to be a bit hotter, or you may want to discuss the stagger of the magnet poles, or something else. 
   What you get is the best available quality components:
  • ALNICO V magnets with custom more modern"friendly" stagger*
  • Black Vulcanized Fiber Flatwork
  • Heavy FORMVAR Copper Magnet Wire
  • Scatter wound (hand wound) pickups for more "vintage vibe"*
  • Wax Potted
  • Cloth Pickup Wire
  • Aged White Pickup Covers
  • Screws and silicon 
  • Middle is RWRP for humbucking operation in positions 2 and 4.
DC Resistance ( depends on the environment temperature)
Neck :  5.8k
Middle :6.1K
Bridge :6.3k
You can customize your set even further by selecting 5% hotter or 5% colder option after hitting the "buy"button. If you select "stock" from the falling menu you'll get the stock model as listed here.