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Mojo Fuzz Deluxe NKT275

Mojo Fuzz Deluxe NKT275 is one of our flagship products. We're very proud with this germanium fuzz, not only because of the additional  options we introduced with it, but because we think of our Deluxe model as one of our biggest successes. It's  based on the original Dallas Arbiter circuit, as our first Mojo Fuzz version, but with more tonal options and more balanced sound. We bring some of the most critical elements of the building process to perfection with our Mojo Fuzz Deluxe NKT275.

There are boutique fuzz builers that аrе trying to accuse us for dumping the prices with low quality products, but that's just not true.

We found up that the best sounding fuzz is not the one build with "true gold" parts, but the one build with knowledge and care.

There's too much "snake oil" in this guitar effects business and one of our prime goals is to  offer an exeptional and real good fuzz pedal the people can have without waiting on a  long waiting lists and breaking the bank.

 Now we decied to introduce even more custom options by giving you the opportunity to choose between standart and high gain versions of the Deluxe NKT275. Since the high gain NKT275 transistors with acceptable leak are much more rare to find ,the high gain version is a bit more expensive.


Mojo Gear Deluxe NKT275 Fuzz
Mojo Fuzz Deluxe NKT275.jpg
Mojo Fuzz Deluxe NKT275 & MKII Professio

The pedal true bypass of course and features light indicator and power input which is very rare to find in fuzz pedals like this.

However you can not use it in daisy chain with  most of the other pedals on the market, because this one has positive ground.(isolated power outputs, or battery it's the best) 

The pedal is handmade with high quality  components, including perfectly matched NKT275 germanium transistors . The PCB is handmade using point to point soldering technique for shorter signal paths! 

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