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MkII Professional  OC81D

This is Professional MkII Tone Bender replica crafted by Mojo Gear.

It's build with NOS OC81 germanium transistors and NOS capacitors.

This one features bias knob which gives plenty of new tonal options from Led Zeppelin to John Mayer starved tone on "CrossRoads" cover.

It's true bypass of course and features indicator light and power input which is very rare to find in this fuzz.

However you can not use it in daisy chain with  most of the other pedals on the market, because this one has positive ground.(isolated power outputs, or battery it's the best)

We offer the same MKII Professional fuzz in four different modifications depending on the germanium transistors used: stock OC81D version;  NOS Mullard OC81D version ;AC125 version and MP40 version( Russian) .

By clicking on the "buy now" button you'll be able to choose between all four options.

The OC81D ( NOS & stock) are very highly regarded( very soon there will be sound samples available)

The AC125 version is more compressed with more gain, but less headroom and the bang for the buck will be our MP40 MKII whitch sounds very close to the OC75( very highly regarded version too:)), but is very affordable.

MKII Professional OC81D.jpg
MkII Professional OC81D by Mojo Gear Fx.
MKII Professional OC81d, AC125 and MP40b
MKII Professional

MKII Professional

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