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Mojo Fuzz II BC108JH

Mojo Fuzz II BC108 JH

Mojo Gear Mojo Fuzz II BC108 is based on Jimi's Fuzz Face. It's silicon fuzz with NOS BC108 transistors!

 Since we have started with the 60's  Mojo Fuzz (I) whitch was  AC128 Germanium ( Dallas Arbiter based) Fuzz, we decided to introduce another  "Mojo" Fuzz -  straight from the 70's with silicon transistors- Mojo Fuzz II. We apply all the know-how and experience we have gathered throughout the years that makes the fuzz SOUND better in this edition!

The pedal is handmade with high quality NOS components, including perfectly matched B108 silicon transistors . The PCB is handmade using point to point soldering technique for shorter signal paths!

This BC108JH Edition is designed to meet Jimi Hendrix specification.( more low mids than the original silicon Fuzz Face)


It's true bypass and features water clear( warm white) indicator light and power input.

The greatest thing about this silicon fuzz is that you can use it with your other pedals in daisy chain or whatever, because is standard NPN( negative ground) Works with center "-" (boss style) power supply polarity! Pedalboard friendly!!!





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