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Staccato Machine /  MKI based Fuzz

  One of the first and the best fuzz boxes ever invented gets reborn and tweaked by Mojo Gear Fx for even more "mojoness".

  That's the Staccato Machine germanium fuzz.

  We've waited for so long for this one to take its place in our fuzz collection... Now that we have a decade of experience in designing and building fuzz pedals, we finally dare to make our dreamed vision come true.    Our goal was to create a jewel that not only sounds incredible with its very distinctive voice, but also impresses with its looks. Hope you'll liked it!

As all its grandparents                       ( Maestro Fuzz-Tone FZ-1, Sola Sound MKI and etc.) the Staccato Machine shares very similar design and character, but what makes it really unique is the germanium transistors selection for each of the three stages, and the additional BIAS, which gives a lot more tonal options.

The outlook was created using acid etching technique made by hand, which gives each pedal contour details, impossible to replicate completely.

Since the pedal is true bypass, we used shielded cables for the input and output to avoid additional noise when the signal is bypassed. We also incorporated high- quality and NOS components to ensure highest audio quality performance.

Staccato Machine.jpg
Staccato Machine.jpg

The Birth of the staccato machine

Staccato Machine

Staccato Machine

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