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Orange Compressor is based on the Dan Armstrong's Orange Squeezer compressor.

It's build with high quality components and sounds like a real vintage compressor must sound. This one is very transparent because it's build with tantal caps!The amount of compression is fixed to be just like the original. 

It is very easy to operate. It has volume knob, which allows you to use it like a booster at its higher range.You can thing for this compressor like the old Teletronix LA-2A opto compressors.

Only you control the input gain from your guitar volume, and the outut level is the one and only knob this pedal has. It's one trick pony, but somethimes having more knobs does not make the effects to sound better, but even opposite. This is the case with Orange Compressor.

Works with 9VDC power supply and  9Vbattery.

And again-true bypass.

Orange Compressor/Orange Squeezer

    • Matchet Pair 2n5457 JFET's
    • 9vDC power input(center negative)
    • Volume knob
    • in&output jack
    • internal trimer for fixing the compression threshold
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