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ODD Preamp 741/Overdive

This is very versatile overdrive based on the original DOD 250( vintage grey version).

ODD Preamp 741 can be used as clean booster when the toggle switch is in the middle position.In that position there is no clipping.

The other two positions are for selecting germanium or silicon diode clipping, witch give very different tonal perspectives.The germanium diodes "sound" somehow softer and not so laud as the silicon, witch are somehow stronger and in your face.

The pedal accepts 9VDC power supply and 9V battery.True bypass( as always)

Odd Preamp 741 Overdrive/boost

    • 741 op amp chip
    • two diod clipping options( germanium and silicon)
    • boost function(middle possition of the switch)
    • 9V DC power input (center negative) & 9 V battery
    • Vol& Gain knobs
    • in& output jack
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