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Mojo Fuzz Deluxe BC108  offers you everything our germanium Deluxe series does(AC128, NKT275), but has silicon transistors. We've selected the rarest NOS BC108 transistors you can possibly get, matched them perfectly and tweaked the whole circuit to work with bias like our germanium fuzz pedals. 

The result is stunning! This is one of the best fuzz pedals ever!

It gives you all the nasty stuff you would expect from a true vintage fuzz, but with very handy modern additions.

It works  with standard power supply( 9v center negative) and can also work in daisy chain with other pedals. 

It`s also temperature stable and the bias is only for achieving even more sounds, and of course for even more fun.

The smooth control here is really awesome. It gives you a big variety of saturation levels you can choose from.

 Since we started with the 60's  Mojo Fuzz, which was  AC128 Germanium ( Dallas Arbiter based) Fuzz, we decided to introduce another  "Mojo" Fuzz -  straight from the 70's with silicon transistors and that was Mojo Fuzz II. Now we introduce to you the deluxe version with smooth and bias controls. We applied all the know-how and experience we have gathered throughout the years, that makes the fuzz SOUND better in this edition!

The pedal is handmade with high quality NOS components, including perfectly matched B108 silicon transistors . The PCB is handmade using point to point soldering technique for shorter signal paths!

Mojo Fuzz Deluxe BC108

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