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Inspired by the legendary David Gilmour Black Strat "Fat Bells" Stratocaster Pickups are now available from Mojo Gear FX.
Fat, bell like 50's neck pickup wound with Heavy Formvar magnet wire for that sweet compression of the high frequencies , high output bridge wound with 43awg Heavy Formvar wire, that cuts easy in the mix and 60's pickup for the middle position wound with plain enamel magnet wire for more direct, but very detailed character.  
Now available for you in calibrated set where you can choose whether to have reversed polarity middle pickup for humbucking effect in positions 2&4 or to be more accurate with the original and have them all wound in one direction. Also you can choose if you want the magnet poles to be dark (aged) or normal. 

DC  Resistance:
Neck 6.3k
Middle 5.8k
Bridge 10.3k

Fat Bells (David Gilmour inspired) Stratocaster Pickups

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