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Inseminator Fuzz

This Fuzz brings everything fuzz lovers want on the table, including strong character of course, easy operation combined with many tonal options and powering with standard power supply( daisy chain if you want)

We haven't  released fuzz pedals since our Mojo Fuzz Deluxe BC108 ( with which we're very proud of) The pleasent experience and results with the last one lead us to explore the silicon fuzz pedals circuits even further and this beauty was born. :)

It's a bit weirder and the tunes coming from it are very distingtive with their gentle agression coming from fuzzy dandelion seeds:))

The fuzz uses very rare these days Silicon Metal Transistors for more precision top end and crazy gain.

The BIAS control starves the transistors resulting in a gated "duying battery"sound .

You'll have Tone Control with this fuzz witch is rare to find in vintage fuzz boxes out there.

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